Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale
Digital Coffee Scale

Digital Coffee Scale

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• High Precision Measures :The scale measures coffee weight with an accuracy of 0.1g, ensuring precise measurements for a perfect cup of coffee.

• LED Screen :The LED screen displays the timer, making it easy to time your coffee brewing process.

• USB Charging :The scale can be charged via USB, making it convenient to use and eliminating the need for batteries.

• Max Weight of 3kg :The scale can handle weights up to 3kg, making it suitable for measuring larger amounts of coffee or other ingredients.

How to use it ?
  • Select units
    1.Touch Power starting up.
    2.At power on , press the key continuously to convert the unitsbetween g(grams),lb(pounds), oz(ounces).
  • Ordinary weighing
    3.When the display shows "0",gently put the food on the scale surface.
    The display shows the weight value items.
  • Tare weighing function
    4.When the display shows "0",gently put the Container on the scale surface. button the weight of the container is cleared. Screen shows "0"
    6.Put food into the container, the display shows the weight of food.
  • Time function
7.Touch the timer button to start siming in seconds.
8.When you need to pause, you can touch the timer key and the timer will pause. If you need continuous timing, touch the key again. The maximum time is 19 minutes 59 seconds.
9.Touch and hold the timer key for 3 seconds to reset the timer to zero.
Note:After tare Weighing,lf you take away food and containers, the display will show "-"and the weight of the container Said negative weight.
Automatic timing mode
10.When the weight goes to zero, double click the 黑 to automatic mode and the colon flashes. Put on the coffee equipment, and the weight will be automatically cleared 3 seconds after the display.At this time, pour coffee liquid and start brewing coffee. Automatic timing also started. (Note: Be careful not to pour too much, as the system will detect a starting weight of 0.5-5g before the coffee is brewed .Or you can add less than five grams of liquid coffee first.)
11.After the brewing process is completed, the weight and time synchronously blink 5 times for the customer to record data, and then automatically exit and clear zero.
12.In automatic mode, double-click the on key to exit automatic mode.*Charging mode shows“CHG” as charging state; Display“FUL”as fully charged.

  • About this item

  • 【High Precision Digital Coffee Scale】Equipped with high sensitivity pressure sensor, the digital coffee scale features 1g-3000g weighing range, 0.1g high precision and 3 measurement unites(oz/ml/g), which helps you make a cup of pour-over coffee with different taste or achieve higher standards of weighing in restaurants, kitchens and bars.

  • 【Accurate Timer Coffee Scale】The coffee scale supports timer function. One button to start and pause. By using this coffee scale, you can not only record the water to coffee powder ratio, but record the brewing time, very convenient to use.

  • 【Coffee Scale with Clear LED Display】The coffee scale adopts invisible LED screen for clear data reading at any angle without annoying reflections, easier to operate. And no numbers are shown in the power-off state, making the coffee scale looks like a simple ornament at table.

  • 【Rechargeable Espresso Scale】Built-in 250mAh lithium battery that can be recharged via Type-C port, and USB charging cable is included. No need to replace batteries. And the coffee scale supports auto power-off function, more energy saving and more eco-friendly.

  • 【High Temperature Coffee Pour Over Scale】The coffee scale is made of PC + ABS material that is high temperature resistant. You don't need to worry about the heat will damage the coffee scale. And you can use wet cloth to clean the coffee scale.


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